GNUCOMO: GNU COmputer MOnitoring

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About the project

Welcome to the homepage of Gnucomo, the project to monitor the devices (mostly computers) in your network. The aim of the project is to build a set of applications that will help administrators to monitor networks as a whole for errors, attacks and security-breaches in a very user-friendly way. It resembles an intrusion detection system, but doesn't want to redo the efforts made by other projects. All types of possible entries are used as signals for detection of not normal situations.

The gnucomo mailing-list can be used to ask questions or to join the project.

Goal and used technology

The project tries to achieve the following goals:

The core team

The core team has agreed to take responsibilities for parts of the projects.

Core Team
The core team on Gnucomo developer day 1.



Gnucomo Development Manifest
Gnucomo Design documentation
Gnucomo User manual


We would like to thank the following organizations for continued support.

Known problems

Log Nr.SubjectSynopsisStatePrior
17GnuCoMo Computer MonitoringERROR in gcm_daemon: Attribute 'source_ip' specified more than once SOLVED
2GnuCoMo Computer MonitoringLog entries rejected by gcm_inputNOTED
5GnuCoMo Computer MonitoringList of required and recommended softwareANALYZED
10GnuCoMo Computer MonitoringGcm_input may loose its input messageOPENED
11GnuCoMo Computer MonitoringIndicate type of data to gcm_inputOPENED
7GnuCoMo Computer MonitoringNotifications pageOPENED
8GnuCoMo Computer MonitoringRelated log_adv records on a log lineOPENED
9GnuCoMo Computer MonitoringInput filename for gcm_inputOPENED